The South Schenectady Fire Department was formed on September 16, 1936.  A group of men consisting of Arthur Eifert, John Boscia, John St. John, John Denny, John Denny II and Phil Panella met in the Wayside Barber Shop to talk over the possibilities of forming a Fire Department in South Schenectady.  On September 18, 1936, circulars were printed for a meeting of the people of the district.  A meeting was held on September 30, 1936 and the idea was adopted and on November 13, 1936, a public meeting was held at the Jefferson School by the Town Board and met with approval of the people.  On December 18, 1936 a map was completed of the Fire District and the Town Board approved the District on June 3, 1937.  The State Comptroller approved the District on June 4, 1937, and the charter was closed on December 12, 1937, comprising two companies - Frank Haddon Hose Company, Duanesburg Road, and the James G. Hilderbrand Company, Thompson Street.

On February 12, 1938, two pieces of apparatus were bought and placed in service.  At the close of the charter, 130 men were enrolled.  The firematic officers were Chief Sidney Cromic, First Assistant Paul Fabian, and Second Assistant Art Healy.  Line officers for Haddon Hose Company were Captain Art Eifert, First Lieutenant Chris Pierone, and Second Lieutenant was A. Sanders, and Second Lieutenant was Carl Flory.

In 1964, voters approved a renovation and expansion program.  The Duanesburg Road Fire House was remodeled to accommodate five fire trucks and an ambulance; the district was also expanded, and this expansion made it possible to close the James Hilderbrand Hose Company on Thompson Street.

On January 24, 1985, qualified voters of Fire District 6 voted and approved Proposition 1 for a fire engine and Proposition 2 for a van; a 1986, 16 foot Marion rescue van on a GMC chassis was delivered in September, 1986; it has a 4 bottle cascade system and a 6000 watt diesel generator.  In August, 1986 delivery was made of a 1986 Hahn, 1250 gallon per minute pumper with a 55 foot snorkel, which was put in service February 11, 1987.

In 1997 the location of our fire department changed to 6 Old Mariaville Road, Schenectady, NY upon the completion of a new building.  The current location has 6 bays, with 6 pieces of fire apparatus, a hall, indoor/outdoor pavilion, training room, fitness room, recreational room, kitchen and various offices.  

South Side - as we are more know as today is comprised of a vast demographic.  We encompass everything from large industrial developments to small business. We have a fantastic and very supporting residential population.  The Schalmont School system is located in our Fire District as well. The district is comprised of District Offices, Senior High, Middle School, and Jefferson Elementary.  Schalmont also has a 3 more elementary schools that reside in 3 other fire districts. On the outskirts of town in our rural community we are proud to service the Plotterkill Nature Preserve with our neighbors to the west, Plotterkill Volunteer Fire Company.